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Reseal Decorative Concrete

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Reseal Decorative Concrete: Restore and Preserve the Beauty

Whether it’s a patio, driveway or pool deck, decorative concrete can take your space to the next level with stunning visuals, allowing you to express your creativity. Usually, decorative concrete is sealed as a protective layer after the installation is complete. However, over time, exposure to the elements can take a toll on the concrete, making it fade, the sealer going milky or, even worse, damaging it and beginning chipping.

When this happens, it is time to reseal your decorative concrete. However, it’s not as simple as just putting another layer on top because the new layer will not adhere to the old sealer. The new sealer has to mix with the old sealer to release trapped moisture and reactivate the old sealer. The reactivation process will melt unsightly, chalky, or flaky areas. To achieve this, the area has to be agitated with a chemical-resistant broom. This will also allow the two sealers to mix and form a bond cohesively.

The experienced professionals of Zion Outdoors can help you bring back the vibrancy and beauty of your decorative concrete by expertly resealing the surface for a clean, long-lasting look in residential or commercial applications.

Reseal Decorative Concrete Before Reseal Concrete

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The Resealing Decorative Concrete Process


Everything begins with our experienced team inspecting the current state of your decorative concrete to see the extent of the fading, calking or chipping. This will allow us to assess what has to be done and prepare a quote for you with all the details so you can make an informed decision.

Preparation Zion


There are two options, depending on the situation—either a complete removal of the old sealer or mixing a new layer of sealer with the old. For either, we begin by meticulously cleaning the surface to remove any dirt or grime. If we do an entirely new seal, we will remove any old sealer. Next, we’ll ensure the concrete is dry and free of moisture to create the ideal canvas for the new sealant.


Zion Outdoors exclusively uses high-quality sealants designed to withstand the demands of various climates. Our sealants protect and enhance the natural beauty of your decorative concrete. Our skilled technicians apply the sealant evenly, ensuring every inch of your concrete is covered. We pay attention to detail, providing a seamless finish and revitalizing the colors and patterns. After application, we allow sufficient time for the sealant to cure.

If we don’t remove the old sealer, we will apply a new layer of high-quality sealer and then use a chemical-resistant broom to agitate and reactivate the old sealer to allow it to form a cohesive mix with the new sealer to create a long-lasting bond and finish.

A final inspection ensures that the resealing process meets our stringent quality standards.

Our experts undergo a rigorous training program to guarantee installations that meet or exceed your expectations.

Reseal Decorative Concrete Installation


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Why is Resealing Necessary for Decorative Concrete Surfaces?
Resealing is essential to maintain the protective layer on decorative concrete, preserving its appearance and durability. The frequency depends on factors such as weather conditions, usage, and the type of sealer applied, but it is generally recommended every 2-3 years for optimal performance.
What Are the Benefits of Resealing Decorative Concrete?
Resealing provides a renewed protective layer that guards against stains, UV damage, and wear and tear. It enhances the color vibrancy, extends the life of the decorative features, and ensures the concrete remains resistant to various environmental factors, ultimately extending its lifespan.
Can Any Sealer Be Used for Resealing Decorative Concrete?
Choosing the right sealer is crucial for resealing decorative concrete. The type of sealer should align with the original application and decorative finish. For instance, solvent-based sealers may enhance color but could lead to a glossier appearance, while water-based sealers are often preferred for matte finishes.
How is the Resealing Process Carried Out, and Is it a DIY-Friendly Task?
The resealing process typically involves cleaning the surface, applying the new sealer, and allowing it to cure. While some homeowners may attempt a DIY resealing, hiring professionals for a thorough and even application is advisable, ensuring optimal coverage and performance.
What Signs Indicate that Decorative Concrete Needs Resealing?
Signs that decorative concrete needs resealing include fading colors, increased porosity, or water absorption. Neglecting resealing can lead to a compromised appearance, reduced resistance to stains and UV damage, and may eventually result in more extensive repairs or refinishing.
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