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Walkways for Warriors™: Paving the Way for Our Heroes

Walkways for Warriors™: Paving the…

For every 100 projects Zion Outdoors completes, we will give a US veteran who lives in the community we serve a walkways […]

How Pavers Increase Your Property Value

How Pavers Increase Your Property…

If you’re looking for ways to improve the beauty of your house’s outside while also raising its value, pavers are a great […]

The Top 7 Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

The Top 7 Benefits of…

Many of us have been there. We have a concrete surface, and it is starting to show its age. It looks old, […]

What Patio or Pool Deck Surfaces Are Cool on Your Feet?

What Patio or Pool Deck…

The 2024 Temperature Guide for Your Outdoor Oasis Your outdoor space deserves to be visually stunning and comfortably cool, especially with pool […]

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Introduction Are you stuck with an unsightly pool deck, patio, or walkway? The solution lies in the transformative magic of concrete resurfacing, […]

Unveiling the Masters: Austin’s Top Custom Pool Builders

Unveiling the Masters: Austin’s Top…

When turning your backyard dreams into a reality, choosing the right custom pool builder is critical. With the pool industry in Austin […]

To Build or Not to Build: Navigating the Outdoor Investment Dilemma

To Build or Not to…

Every homeowner dreams of crafting a backyard oasis that not only enhances the beauty of their home but also serves as a […]

Help! My Patio Doesn’t Match

Help! My Patio Doesn’t Match

Using Overlays to Unify Your Space: What to Do When the Sections of Your Patio Don’t Match Creating a cohesive outdoor living […]

A Guide to Outdoor Overlays: Why Limestone & Quartz Stay Cool in Summer

A Guide to Outdoor Overlays:…

Introduction Choosing the appropriate overlay material for outdoor spaces is crucial, especially in summer when temperatures soar. Limestone and quartz are renowned […]

How Much Will a Concrete Patio Extension Cost Me?

How Much Will a Concrete…

There you are, sitting outside your house on your back patio, realizing your family of three needs more space. You had a […]

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