Choosing the appropriate overlay material for outdoor spaces is crucial, especially in summer when temperatures soar. Limestone and quartz are renowned for their ability to stay cool underfoot, making them ideal choices. In this guide, we delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon and introduce GemScape™ by Zion Outdoors, a premier overlay solution that embodies these cooling properties.

The Science of Heat Absorption and Reflection

Understanding the thermal properties of outdoor overlays begins with the basics of heat absorption and reflection. Limestone and quartz, the critical components of GemScape™, excel in reflecting sunlight and dissipating heat thanks to their natural composition and surface characteristics.

Heat Absorption

Material Composition: The natural properties of limestone and quartz allow them to reflect sunlight efficiently. GemScape™ overlays utilize these materials to offer a surface that remains cool, even in peak summer.

Heat Reflection

Surface Characteristics: The reflective nature of GemScape’s™ limestone and quartz components significantly reduces heat absorption, ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment.

Advantages of Limestone and Quartz for Outdoor Overlays

Opting for GemScape™ by Zion Outdoors for your patio or pool surround offers several advantages beyond the natural cooling properties of limestone and quartz.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Cool Underfoot: GemScape™ provides an unparalleled comfortable surface, reducing the risk of discomfort in hot weather and contributing to lower energy costs through its natural insulation.

Aesthetic Versatility

Design Flexibility: GemScape™ comes in various shades and patterns, allowing homeowners to achieve any design theme, from sleek modern to classic elegance.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

To ensure that GemScape™ maintains its performance and aesthetic appeal, consider these tips:

Professional Installation

Maximizing Benefits: Professional installation by Zion Outdoors ensures that GemScape™ is perfectly placed to enhance its cooling properties and align with your design vision.

Maintenance for Longevity

Preserving Cooling Properties: Regular cleaning and sealing of GemScape™ surfaces protect against wear and maintain their natural ability to stay cool.


For outdoor overlay options that prioritize cooling benefits, the natural properties of limestone and quartz make them standout choices. These materials keep surfaces cool underfoot, a crucial feature for enhancing the comfort of back patios, walkways, and pool decks during hot summer months.

GemScape™ by Zion Outdoors harnesses these cooling advantages, offering a sustainable and stylish solution for outdoor living spaces. Opting for GemScape™ means investing in an outdoor environment that looks good and provides a cooler, more enjoyable setting for relaxation and entertainment in the heat.