Many of us have been there. We have a concrete surface, and it is starting to show its age. It looks old, worn, and dirty and maybe has started to show a small crack or two. To most homeowners, the first thoughts that spring to mind are that they have to tear out the old concrete and pour new concrete or to get fresh concrete and pour it over the old base.

The former is not a bad idea in itself, but depending on the state of your concrete surface, it may be completely unnecessary. The latter, in fact, is a bad idea because the concrete doesn’t contain any bonding agents, so the old and new concrete will not adhere to each other and potentially cause you even more significant problems.

Enter the solution: concrete resurfacing! Let’s take a look at the top 7 benefits of concrete surfacing, and you might be surprised by how good of an option it actually is.

Concrete Resurfacing: An Overview

While many homeowners think that concrete resurfacing is just pouring new concrete over old, it is far more than that. It involves carefully preparing the surface by cleaning it, repairing any damages and prepping everything to ensure the resurfacing material will properly adhere to the existing surface.

This approach will allow for a durable, long-lasting surface that will breathe new life into the aging concrete at a fraction of the cost and time investment of a complete replacement.

So, now, let’s look at the benefits.

The Top 7 Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Quick and Easy to Apply

Unlike tearing out and replacing the entire concrete slab, concrete resurfacing involves applying a thin overlay of specialized concrete mix over the prepared existing surface. This procedure greatly simplifies the whole process and minimizes disruptions with less downtime for your property and quicker access. In the hands of professionals, the resurfacing will take a fraction of the time of a complete redo.


Similarly, concrete surfacing is a vastly more cost-effective alternative to a total replacement. Instead of having to pay for the demolition, disposal of the old concrete and the pouring of the new slab, the professionals will prepare and fix the old surface and apply the resurfacing compound, allowing you to enjoy significant savings without compromising quality. Additionally, the overlay also extends the lifespan of your existing slab and reduces the need for frequent repairs or maintenance, saving you even more money in the long run.

Increases the Property Value

Whether you’re looking into selling your home or just want to make it more visually appealing in general, concrete resurfacing has a remarkable return on investment by increasing the property value without breaking the bank. A well-maintained outdoor space can significantly enhance curb appeal and make a favorable impression on potential buyers or tenants alike. Given that it also extends its lifespan, the resurfaced concrete can make a difference in a competitive real estate market.

Gem Scape


Quality concrete resurfacing materials are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and environmental exposure, just like the full concrete slab. But it doesn’t stop there. The protective sealant also makes it resistant to stains, abrasions, and UV damage, adding even more resilience than the original concrete slab. This long-lasting durability and performance will save you time and money by reducing the need for repairs or maintenance.

Great Outdoors

Outdoor concrete surfaces are exposed to many environmental factors, from sunlight and moisture, to foot traffic and temperature fluctuations, so that they can take quite the beating. Concrete resurfacing is a great option to breathe new life into them and turn a dull and worn-out slab into an outdoor space in which you really want to spend time. Concrete resurfacing a patio to relax, a pool deck to entertain, or a driveway to park combines the best durability and aesthetic appeal.

Different Designs and Colors

One completely different kind of advantage to resurfacing is that it gives you the opportunity to customize the look and feel. Many concrete overlays come with many design options, from different colors and decorative effects to stamped patterns or textured finishes, so you can change the look while getting full durability and performance. It’s a win-win situation.

Pool Deck Overlaid with Gem-Scape

Increased Safety

As durable and resilient as concrete slabs can be, they can turn into safety hazards if they get damaged or uneven, especially if you look at high-traffic areas like driveways and entryways or entertaining spaces like your pool deck. Resurfacing allows you to eliminate trip hazards, reduce the risk of slips and falls and make your outdoor space a safer environment while revitalizing it visually. You also have the option to add non-slip coatings or textured finishes to enhance traction and grip, particularly in wet or slippery conditions.

Revitalize Your Concrete Surfaces With Zion Outdoors

Concrete resurfacing comes with a host of benefits that make it a great alternative to replacing the whole concrete slab, from being far more cost-efficient and quicker to adding durability and the option to customize the look.

Whether you want to upgrade your driveway, make your pool area fabulous or transform your patio into a show-stopper, Zion Outdoors has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality.

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